We take immense pride in  the marketing of the homes we sell, from the photography right down to the floorpan.  We recognise that every home is different, therefore we do not offer a 'one size fits all' for the homes we sell, however all of the homes we market will receive the following:

Image enhancement.jpg


We want to showcase your property in the best possible way.  Buyers book viewings as a result of the photos they look at and they are arguably more inportant then the written description of your home.  Better photos = more viewings = Increased sale price.


Blue skies adjust the way a buyer thinks about your home and get more viewings.  Think about it, if the main picture of your house has a gloomy grey sky, whilst another has a bright vibrant backdrop, which one do you think will get more clicks?  Gloomy days won't ruin our photography, our professional photo editing team can replace a sky that is overcast, washed out or overexposed with a beautiful clear, blue sky.

blue sky enhancement.jpg
Image by Joey Huang


As standard, we will create a professional video tour of your property.  This will essentially be your buyers first viewing before an in person viewing.

You can see one of our recent tours here (links to youtube)


Floor plans are an integral part of the marketing we provide and in our opinion critical to the successful marketing of your property.  They are invaluable to buyers when they assess whether a property meets their needs and it gives them an idea of the space, layout and key features of a property before they decide whether or not to view it.

floor plan 8 dunstan UPDATED.jpg


In order to get the most exposure for your property and present it to more potential buyers, we will create marketing campaigns on the following property websites.

Prime Location

And around 20 other property portals.

All of the above are included as part of our standard property marketing. Each property is different however and we may also provide other marketing ideas as part of your homes marketing such as drone shots, twilight/dusk photography, bespoke property brochures and more.  We can also provide our eye catching for sale boards should you want one.