Should I sell my home now? How the current shortage affects your home’s price

2021 was a tremendous year for home price growth in the UK – the strongest since the mid-2000s – with many areas and types of home seeing values increase by double-figure percentages. This means a house bought for £500,000 only two years ago could possibly be worth over £600,000 today! The huge imbalance between supply and demand, with many more buyers than homes available, has been the key driver behind these extraordinary increases. If you’re thinking of selling, you have a

New year, new move

The new year encourages many of us to make positive changes in our lives. A popular choice is pledging to do more exercise, while some people might decide to learn a new skill. But if you were one of the many sellers who put their home on the market last year and you haven’t yet found a buyer, this new year you’re probably resolving to get that sale! As estate agents, we find that pretty much every new year brings with it not only a flood of requests from homeowners for valua